Life Cycle of a Frog - Layer Wooden Puzzle -

Life Cycle of a Frog - Layer Wooden Puzzle

Frog Life Cycle Educational Wooden Jigsaw Layer Puzzle 

This puzzle shows the different stages of development in a Frog's life cycle.

Made up of 4 layers and super imposed mounted on a wooden board.

Wooden Layered Frog cycle Puzzle - How a Frog Grows

As children assemble each 'layer' they discover how a tadpole becomes a frog.

Enhances visual-discrimination skills and develops sequencing and problem solving.

The Layered Puzzle – Frog will introduce your child to the lifecycle of a frog. This is a simple version of the puzzle, 1 piece on each layer, suitable for young children

This great early learning puzzle has four (4) layers and will present your child with different levels of challenge:

The top layer shows the adult frog

The third layer shows the tadpole turning into a frog

The second layer shows the tadpoles

The first layer is the eggs

This puzzle will assist your child's intellectual and fine motor development as well as spatial awareness and ability to problem solve.

Frame is 18cmx18cm

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