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Testimonial 1

Testimonial - Sue a Teacher & Mother of 2 year old boy

I came across Right to Learn's website when I started reading up on the Montessori method.

I was quite excited when I realized that Nafisa was conducting workshops for parents, to equip them with the skills to teach their children at home. 

So I immediately signed up for the next run of Mathematics workshop available.

I find the sessions really useful and the notes given were really concise and easy to understand.

Nafisa also explained the concepts clearly and the hands-on activities we did during the workshop was really fun.

After attending the workshop, I felt more equipped to teach my son Mathematics at home.

I really like the fact that the Montessori method uses many different concrete items in the teaching of Mathematics.

It is suitable for young learners and makes the transition towards understanding more abstract concepts in Mathematics easier.
I would definitely recommend this workshop to all Mummies interested in using the Montessori method to teach their children!

Mother of 2 year-old boy


Testimonial 2

 Testimonial - Lucy - Mother of a 3 year old girl.

Testimonial 3

 Georgina a mother of 3 kids - 


Testimonial 4

 Vivienne  a mother of 2 kids 


Testimonial 5

 Irene a mother of a 1 year old boy



Testimonial 6

Iffah - A Mother and Teacher 



Testimonial 7

Aileen Seah - A Full time Working Mother of a 4 year girl




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