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Wooden Shapes and Cutters for Craft Playdoh dough activity

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Set of three cutters and eight wooden shapes stencils to cut around on the dough. Making designs and patterns on clay develops co-ordination, concentration, imagination, creativity and love for art.

  • Educational clay cutting toy: The set contains three cutters and eight shapes with a knob. Hold the shape on dough or clay and cut the clay with the cutter to get the shape from the clay.
  • Sure to attract children above 4 Years: Suitable for Age 4 and above.

  • Enjoy learning: Develops imagination, creativity, co-ordination and concentration.

  • Multiple skill enhancement: Creativity, intellectual and motor skill development.

  • Safe and sturdy make: Made with high-quality wood and plywood. Smoothed edges for safety.

Excellent toy to develop:-

  • Wrist agility
  • Observation
  • Expression of emotion
  • Eye hand co-ordination
  • Concentration
  • Independence
  • Job satisfaction

Enhance…:- physical, intellectual, sensorial, personality.

This has been repacked in a Kraft box for easier storage option as per last picture.


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