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Original Timmy and Tammy Malay Series Books

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 These are little picture books that use a controlled, repeated vocabulary, with one or two sentences on each page printed in a large and clear text.

These easy-to-read books are great for helping kids to match spoken words with print and for building up confidence in reading.

Also beautifully illustrated (by Eliz Ong) and well-written.

Part of the charm of the series lies in the fact that the stories are all set in Singapore and revolve around Timmy & Tammy’s adventures to popular local attractions such as the Botanic Gardens, Changi Airport and the Fire Station.

Timmy and Tammy is a new series of books for preschoolers. Join them as they go out and about to explore and learn! Practise reading skills and have fun with the activity at the back.

Written by: Illustrated by: Size per book: No. of Pages:
Ruth Wan Eliz Ong 229mm by 152mm (closed) 24 Pages



Available Titles:
At Changi Airport(Di Lapangan Terbang Changi)
At the Food Court(Di Pusat Makanan)
At the National Library(Di Perpustakaan Negara)
At the River Safari(Di River Safari)
On the MRT(Naik MRT)
At the Botanic Gardens(Di Taman Botani)

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