Think Fun - ZINGO - Time Telling -

Think Fun - ZINGO - Time Telling

Telling time is one of the hardest things to master when your young. Some adults haven't even mastered the art of time.

The key to understanding how time works is to teach as early as possible. No matter where you go anywhere in the entire world, time is used regardless of the language used. In fact the only difference across the globe is the time of day.

Teaching your child time can be a bit overwhelming for both you and your child, so why not make it a fun game. Not only do they catch on quicker but everyone has fun while learning!! -

Zingo! Time-telling is a fun way to learn to read a clock. Slide the Zinger to reveal hours and minutes like a digital clock, then look for matches on your cards that show an analog clock with hour and minute hands.
As players match tiles and cards, their understanding of telling time in both analog and digital formats is strengthened.
Two levels of play grow with your child – a Beginner level helps young players get familiar with the concept of time, and an Advanced level introduces older players to more complex challenges.
Includes: 1 Zing Zinger, 32 Minute Tiles, 32 Hour Tiles, 
6 Double-sided Zing cards and instructions
For grades K-3, ages 5 and up
2-6 players
Simple matching game introduces young players to the clock
Includes an advanced level for kids who are already time-tellers

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