Spot-It / Dobble - Party Math Card Game -

Spot-It / Dobble - Party Math Card Game

 Award-winning game of visual perception for the whole family.

  • Between any two cards there is always one and only one matching symbol. Spot it fast to win
  • Five challenging ways to play for hours of frenzied fun for 2 to 8 players.
  • Develops focus, visual perception skills, speech-language skills, and fine motor skills.
  • Includes 55 cards and illustrated rules in a durable travel-size tin.


    The basic structure of the game is this: the deck has 55 cards, with eight symbols on each card, culled from a bank of 57 symbols in total.

    If you choose any two cards at random, one symbol always matches.

    The game provides several different ways to play, but they all hinge on the speed with which you spot the match—the two blocks of cheese, the ink spots, the dolphins, the snowmen and so on.

    But how—how!?—is it possible that every single card matches another card in just one way?

    It’s not magic. It’s math.

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