Grounding SG Socket/ Mains Tester for Earthing Mat -

Grounding SG Socket/ Mains Tester for Earthing Mat

RoHS Compliant: Yes

13A Polarity/Earth Checker for SG Sockets. Make sure you are plugging your Ground Technology into an Earthed socket.

Checks and tests for suitable and safe Earth connection and correct live and neutral polarity.

Gives a rapid indication that your socket is correctly connected for safe use.

Some people have tried Earthing/Grounding and not found benefit or relief only to discover they have not been plugging into Earthed mains, make sure you never have that problem.

Please note if you buy one of our Earthing Sheets and Mats we have included this tester in the package, that does not come as standard if you order from anywhere else and you will need to buy one separately.

These testers are useful for people who already have earthing/grounding products and want to check there sockets, or for people who want to make sure they have an earthed socket, or more importantly its in a place where they will be able to use.

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