SENSORIAL Music - 8 Tone Bell set -

SENSORIAL Music - 8 Tone Bell set

 Gleaming bells with beautiful ringing sounds bring joy to the world!

Young children love composing their own music with C Major tuned bells.

C - D - E. Line up the bells and play them one by one. It's the start of a song!
Kids are IMMEDIATELY motivated!

Understanding music can be easy for any beginner if they have the right instrument. Start a life-long musical journey with the Musical Hand Bells.

Musical Hand Bells

  • A set of 8 metal hand bells in C Major Scale
  • Encourages physical control, musical learning
  • A simple and beautiful way to get started playing music
  • Metal bells resonate beautifully
  • Handles made of durable plastic
  • Bells each measure 5 x 3 inches
  • Bells made of strong metal

    Develop your child's pitch with this excellent set of Montessori Bells.

    The Montessori Bells can also be used to play auditory memory games by getting kids to repeat sound patterns.

    This set contains 8 multicoloured bells on individual wooden stands to represent the 8 notes of the C major scale.

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