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Plastic Apron for Art & Craft - Kids Size Long Sleeves - RED

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 Kids  Size Apron - Suitable for Preschoolers 

1. 3 pockets that kids can hold the their paints tools ,such as water pens, paints, snacks and paper towels and other items.
2. Waterproof, can prevent the Pigments penetrate into the clothes. Keep child clothes clean.
3. Don't need to worry about the clothes, child can enjoy play to their imagination.
4. Save your time to wash the clothes.
5. Great gift for kids who love paint and draw and can protect them from staining clothes.
6. One size, fits 3-8 years old child.

- Material: PVC

- Size: 44 x 55cm/ 17.3" x 21.65" (W x H); Sleeve length: 53cm/ 20.86"



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