Pink Tower Blocks - Package -

Pink Tower Blocks - Package

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This Pink tower block package includes :

1. Stand

2. Pink tower

3. Pink Tower Matching Activity Cards

Please note that colour of Pink Tower may vary from Picture during time of purchase.


The pink tower has ten pink cubes. The smallest cube is 1 cubic centimeter in volume, and the largest cube is 1000 cubic centimeters in volume (each side is 10 cm in length). The work is designed to provide the child with a concept of "big" and "small."

The child starts with the largest cube and puts the second-largest cube on top of it. This continues until all ten cubes are stacked on top of each other.

The control of error is visual. The child sees the cubes are in the wrong order. The successive dimensions of each cube are such that if the cubes are stacked flush with a corner, the smallest cube may be fit squarely on the ledge of each level. If the smallest cube is too small or big to fit on the ledge, the tower cubes are in the wrong order





      • 1      Place the cubes at random on a mat. The child can do this, carrying the cubes carefully two        or three at a time to the mat and arranging them in a random order.
      • 2.    Build the tower. Start with the largest cube, and place the cubes carefully and concentrically           on top of each other. As you pick up the cubes, grasp them with the fingers and thumb on all          four sides in order to build a muscular impression of dimension and demonstrate that it is                possible to judge size by touch as well as sight.
      • 3. Take the tower down block by block.
      • 4. Allow the child to build the tower alone.






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