Phonics Sounds - MALAY Beginning Alphabet / Letter Sound Box objects w -

Phonics Sounds - MALAY Beginning Alphabet / Letter Sound Box objects with name tags

Malay Phonics

Alphabet Object Box from A to Z

Size : 365mm x 155mm x 225 mm (L x W  x  H)

Alphabet Boxes are GREAT for teaching/learning the phonetic sounds of each letter and best of all, kids LOVE these little objects.


While teaching the sounds of the letters, introduce these objects as well

I have used objects to teach letter sounds in my classroom and the children really love the objects and by using the Visual. Auditory and Kinesthetic approach they are able to remember better and for a longer time.

This listing comes with the following:

1.  There are 4 objects in :

 A/ B /C /D / E / G/H /K/ M /  P/ S/T 

  • And 3 objects in Letter 

J/L / N/ O / R/U/Z

  • And 2 objects in Letter 


       * And 1 object in Letter 

F / Y 

  • There are no (ZERO)  Objects For Letters :  Q/X 
  • e.g we can think of these but not included - 
  • Letter Y - yasin 
  • Letter Q - Qur'an 

If you can suggest any other objects for letters sounds that do not have objects or have less objects - Please do let us know and if we do have the objects you can come and collect from us. 

Altogether - 77  miniature objects

2. Also included Laminated Name tags of Objects  

These name tags can be used to match with the objects and be a great learning tool for learning sight words.

3. Included Plastic Box with a 30 compartment  to store the objects.

Please note that the Objects may vary from pictures

according to stock availability!




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