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Objects for Learning Letter Sounds /Names A to H

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Concrete objects to learn Letter Names/ Sounds of the Letters


Objects for Sound Boxes to learn the letter names /sounds

These objects are a great way to help the child learn the sounds of the

letters in a concrete way.

All are miniature objects which can be stored in a box or container .

Objects might vary than the shown photos depending on stock availability.

If you are teaching the sound of /b/

use these concrete objects instead of pictures.

Objects available-

Letter A:apple/arrow/ antelope /acorn

Letter B: bead/button/black/bag/ bitter gourd/ blue/ bell /bowl /boot/ berry 

bow / band / bucket /bell pepper (same as capsicum)

Letter C : clip/cherry /chopping board/ chopsticks /chair/ crab / cross/  centipede / car / chestnut /cucumber / cake /capsicum / chilli /camel/ cow /

Letter D: dot/dollar sign / doll /drum / duck /deer/ donkey / dog /dinosaur

  Letter E: envelope /egg /eggplant / eight /elephant

 Letter F: fabric/ felt / four/five /flower /fork/foot / fence /flex /

 Letter G: gorilla/green /giraffe/gift/goat /goose/goblet/grass/gourd

 Letter H:  hat / hippo /hermit crab

 Letter I:  injection syringe 

 Letter J

 Letter K: knife/ key/  knitting needles(plastic)

 Letter L: lace/leopard/ lid /leaf /laddle /loom /lion /lantern  / lemon /lemur

 Letter M:  microscope / moose /mirror /mushroom /match stick / mat

Letter N: number

Letter O : orange/oval shape /olive /oven / one 

Letter P:  pink/ peg/ peach/ pomegranate /plate/pebble

Letter Q: -

Letter R: ribbon/red/ ram / rabbit / ring/rope/racket /rake / rhinoceros / rooster 

Letter S: stick/ spoon/screw(metal)/

shark/stamp/shoe/ string/ seven/ stingray / seahorse /saucepan / seal / stove / stethoscope / screw-driver / spider / snake

sand-mill /spade/ scissors /snake / spectacles/ starfish /sofa 

Letter T: tiger/ tree/  three/ two/ table / triangle/ truck 

Letter U: umbrella / underwear

Letter V: velvet/ vase /vest

Letter W: whale/white/wool/ wax /  watermelon 

Letter X:  wax / six 

Letter Y: yellow/ yarn /yen sign

Letter Z: zero/ zig- zag / zip 

Objects might  


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