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Objects for Beginning Letter Sounds /Names A- Z (Food)

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A great way to learn the beginning sounds of Letters A-Z by

 using miniature objects instead of pictures.

There is one object for each letter of the Alphabet.

All 25 objects begin with the first letter of the alphabet 

There is no object for Letter X 


25 objects consists of the following :

Apple/banana/cucumber/dish/eggplant/fries/gourd/hamburger/infant/jelly bean/key/lemon/mushroom/nut/orange/pear/quilt/


 Mostly food except for some letters sounds which we are not able to find any food objects 

There is no object for letter X as the sound of /x/ is usually at the end of the word and not the beginning.


These objects are a great way to help the child learn the sounds of the

letters in a concrete way.

All are miniature objects which can be stored in a box or container .

If you are teaching the letter names or using Phonetic Sounds

use these concrete objects instead of pictures.


There will be 25 objects -Objects may vary from picture according to stock availability

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