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Nurturing Good Values Series

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This set consists of 6 Books of the - 'Being Happy with Ourselves "  series...

Raising children right is critical. The Nurturing Good Values Series is a powerful help in cultivating self-awareness, self-confidence, care for others and a strong sense of right and wrong in children ages 3 to 7. Reading these books to your children will guide them in their formative years, helping them mature into confident, responsible members of society.

The series has four themes, each treated in six vivid, richly-illustrated books: (please select from the list)

Being Happy with Ourselves (ISBN-13: 978-981-4413-27-5)
1. Let us be Brave
2. Let us be Generous
3. Let us be Happy
4. Let us be Wise
5. Let us have Peace
6. Let us Stay Healthy

Relating to Others (ISBN-13: 978-981-4413-28-2)
1. Let us Consider Others
2. Let us Honour our Parents
3. Let us Listen to Others
4. Let us Love
5. Let us Share 
6. Let us Wait our Turn

Knowing Right and Wrong (ISBN-13: 978-981-4413-29-9)
1. Let us be Gentle
2. Let us be Patient
3. Let us be Peace-Makers
4. Let us do Right
5. Let us Forgive
6. Let us Tell the Truth

Reaching Out to Our World (ISBN-13: 978-981-4413-30-5)
1. Let us be Caring
2. Let us be Joyful
3. Let us be Kind
4. Let us Protect
5. Let us Respect Others 
6. Let us Serve








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