Nature Playtime Series Level 3 books - The Saga Tree/ Touch Me Nots/Ix -

Nature Playtime Series Level 3 books - The Saga Tree/ Touch Me Nots/Ixoras / The Casuarina Tree / The Rubber Tree

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About the Nature Playtime Series

Emma and her grandmother, Popo are best friends. Back in Popo’s day, children played with whatever they could find around them, such as seeds, flowers and leaves of plants. As Popo relives the old ways of play, new worlds are opened for Emma and love is passed on from generation to generation. 

“Maybe they are shy, just like you.”

Timid little Emma does not want to go to music class, until her grandmother, Popo, shows her the magic of touch-me-nots. With Popo’s gentle encouragement, Emma overcomes her shyness and finds her own song.

“Back then, we didn’t have any toys.”
A little girl named Emma is crying, so her grandmother, Popo, brings her to pick saga seeds, where she learns about the tree her grandmother still loves. Emma realises that times may change, but love does not.

“Bees are very hardworking and they don’t give up.”
The monkey bars at the playground are too hard to climb for little Emma, so her grandmother, popo, uses ixoras to show her the way of the busy bee. Emma learns that with love and perseverance, she can do anything.

The casuarina Tree

Little brother Eli can be trouble, as Emma finds out while building sandcastles at the beach with their grandmother, Popo. Under the shade of the casuarina tree, Eli learns to share and Emma realises forgiveness is a better way.

“We can sail the pods down the drain.”

Emma and Eli are at a picnic with their grandmother, Popo, when their ball gets stuck in a tree. That’s when they discover the flame of the forest, a childhood favourite of Popo’s. Together, young and old fly its winged seeds and float pods in the drain, just like in the good old days.

“When I was young, we had no money to buy toys.”

School bullies are giving Emma a hard time. Her grandmother, Popo, recounts a trick cheeky boys would play using rubber seeds, which they also made into propellers. The homemade toy is a hit and builds bridges with Emma’s classmates.

in the Series:

  • Touch  Me Nots
  • The Saga Tree
  • Ixoras
  • The Casuarina Tree
  • Flame of the Forest
  • The Rubber Tree
Size:229 by 152 mm (closed)
No. of Pages:32 pages

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