Multiplication Board with plastic boxes -

Multiplication Board with plastic boxes

Wooden multiplication board with 100 red beads, 10 wooden cards labeled 1-10 and a red disc in plastic boxes.



    1. Show the child the material and have him bring it to the table.
    2. Show the child the numbers along the top of the board. Tell the child, “These numbers tell us how many times to take a number.”
    3. Show the child how to slide the card (4) into the slot on the side of the board.
    4. Tell the child, “This tells us we will be doing the table of 4.”
    5. Place the little red disc above the 1 at the top of the board.
    6. Say, “This tells us we need to take 4 one times.
    7. Using the red beads, place 4 one times in a vertical line.
    8. Have the child count how many beads there are on the board.
    9. Tell the child, “4 x 1 is 4” Have the child write the answer on the paper next to the equation.
    10. Move the disc over above the 2.
    11. Tell the child, “We now need 4 two times. But we already have 4 one times.”
    12. Have the child place the red beads in a vertical line next to the first four.
    13. Have the child count the total number of beads on the board.
    14. Say, “4 x 2 is 8”.

montessori, multiplication of 4

  1. Repeat in this manner. When the child reaches 4 x 4, have him say the equation with you.
  2. If the child is making the table with ease, when he reaches 4 x 8 show him that 4 x 7 was 28. Count from 28 up four more. Repeat in this way until he has finished the board.
  3. Have the child read all of the equations and answers written on the piece of paper.
  4. The child can check his work on Multiplication Chart 1.


5 1/2 - 6 years 


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