Montessori Tens & Teens Board (Seguin Board) -

Montessori Tens & Teens Board (Seguin Board)

The Seguin boards teaches the child the number names, symbols and sequence from 10 to 19 and 10-99


Teens: Symbol

- Two boards each divided into five compartments. In nine of these compartments a large 10 is printed in black.
- A set of cards, on which are printed the figures 1 – 9, which will slide into the boards, covering the '0'. 



    • Have the child unroll a long mat.
    • Show the child the material and have him bring over the material. Sit at the mat so it is vertically in front of you.
    • Place the two boards in a vertical line at the top of the mat.
    • Place all of the cards, in random order, to the right of the board.
    • Point to the first slot and ask what it is. (10)
    • Point to each until the child realizes that each has 10.
    • Slide the 1 card into the units spot in the top slot. Say, "This is eleven."
    • Slide in the 2 card into the second slot and tell the child, "This is twelve."
    • Repeat to create 13 under 12.
skip and counting symbols illustration


  • Do a Three Period Lesson for 11, 12, 13. For the 2nd Period, take out the cards and have the child "create" 11, 12, 13.
  • Repeat, three numbers at a time until you have done 11-19.

Stage B

  • Have the child make the numbers 11-19 in random order directed by the directress.
  • Have the child take out the cards and have him create 11-19 in order.
  • Once the child is done, count all the numbers in order, and then backwards.



To connect name and symbol.

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