Montessori Sensorial Color / Colour Box 1 - wooden Tablets -

Montessori Sensorial Color / Colour Box 1 - wooden Tablets

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Color Tablets

Box 1

6 tablets; a pair of each of the primary colors (red, yellow, blue). These are the most sharply contrasted colors.

Presentation Box 1

Invite the child by telling him you have something to show him. Bring him over to the correct shelves and tell him we will be using the Color Tablets. Show the child how to carry the box with your two hands on opposite sides of the box with your fingers underneath the box and your thumbs over the top. Have the child bring the correct box and have him place it near the top right corner of the table. Have the child sit to your left and then you sit down in front of the box. Take off the lid using both hands and place it directly in front of the box. Pick up the box using both hands and place it carefully onto the lid.

- Take the red, yellow, and blue tablets (with their matching pair) out of the box with both hands and making it evident that you are aware of not touching the color part. 
- Place each tablet randomly on the table next to the box.
- Pick up the box and place it behind the lid and then pick up the lid and replace in onto the box.
- Pick up one of the red tablets using your right thumb and index finger and holding the "frame" part of the tablet.
- Place it near the top of the table and isolated from the other tablets.
- Then tell the child, " I'm looking for one just like it."
- Choose the other red tablets and gently place it directly next to the first red tablet. 
- Then pick up the yellow tablet and place it under the first red tablet. 
- Ask the child, "Can you find the one just like it?"
- Match the yellow in the same way as the red. 
- Place one of the blue tablets under the first yellow tablet.

color tablets box 1

color tablets box 1


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