Montessori Pin Map of Continents - Smaller Size /Continents Nomenclatu -

Montessori Pin Map of Continents - Smaller Size /Continents Nomenclature cards / Continents chart

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Knobbed Pin puzzle map of the continents, in different colours as per Montessori Method for each continent.

Objectives: To introduce a flat map to the child. To learn the positions and names of Continents.


1. Continents Chart printed on A3 size card paper with a protective hard casing  

2. Wooden Pin Map of Continents 

 Size : 37 x 29 cm 

3.  Continents 3 part cards / Nomenclature cards of 7 continents.

Asia, Europe, North America, South America, Africa,

Antarctica & Australasia

7 control cards + 7 matching cards + 7 name tags

 These cards are Laminated for durability with rounded edges



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