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Montessori Peek-a-Boo Lock Box

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Peekaboo…This is something many parents and early years childhood educators hear all the time.  Peekaboo is a great way to explore and see the world around them.  It is also a great way to learn more about that world.  

The block itself is made of wood .  They are small enough that chubby little fingers and grab them, yet large enough that they will not be a chocking hazard.  The doors of each block are have a unique color that has a corresponding shape of that same color.  The shape is designed to fit into the top of the block making it a fun and educational challenge for your child or student.  

Your child or toddler will love this beautifully crafted wooden lock box. It has a multitude of locks, doors and latches that will entertain for hours. Just think of how many things can be hidden and then found inside this ingenious wooden toy.

Learn how to lock and unlock things and have fun at the same time. This product is also suitable for persons with special needs as it can aid in teaching practical skills, improve hand co-ordination and gross motor function.

The blocks also come with a tray with spots for each of the 6 blocks.  They are color coded so the blocks also have a special space for each spot.  The tray also has edges were little fingers can easily pick it up and carry it with ease.

The learning potential from these blocks are endless.  By helping children with problem solving and becoming proficient in using fine motor skills children will have a leg up by mastering these learning tools.  Muscles will be built which will translate into other tasks with hands being easier for children as they grow older.


Product Features

  • Develops hand control, muscle strength and finger dexterity.
  • Improves memory skills.
  • Encourages a sense of order.
  • Entertains young children for long periods.



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