Montessori Number Rods - 100 cm -

Montessori Number Rods - 100 cm


 10 rods consisting of red and blue sections. Each section is 10 centimeters long. The longest rod has 10 sections and the shortest rod has only 1 section.


The material will help kids acquire basic arithmetic skills. Objective for kids is to explore and examine the rods, count sections and learn how to arrange them in a correct sequence from 1 to 10. 

With the help of Number Rods kids will learn the names of numbers from 1 to 10 and visually associate the numbers with the corresponding quantity. 

This material can also be used in conjunction with number cards to help kids learn to associate quantity with a corresponding number digit.

Example of How to use the Number Rods : 


Have the child bring over each number rod and place them randomly onto the vertical mat.

    1. Sit in front of the horizontal mat.
    2. Ask the child to build the rods as he would with the Red Rods on the horizontal mat.

rods on the horizontal mat 

  1. Point out that we will always start with the red section to the left.
  2. Isolate the first three rods.
  3. Point to rod 1. Say, “This is one.” Count.
  4. Point to the blue on rod 2. Say, “This is two.” Then count.
  5. Point to the red on rid 3. Say “This is three.” Then count.
  6. Repeat this a few times. (This is the 1st Period of the Three Period Lesson.)
  7. Move the rods so they are on the same horizontal line. Do the 2nd Period of the Three Period Lesson.
  8. Do the 3rd Period of the Three Period Lesson.
  9. Ask the child to replace the three rods back with the others.
  10. Take out rods 4, 5, and 6.
  11. Count each section of rod 4
  12. Repeat as you did with the first three rods.
  13. Repeat for rod 7, 8, and 9.
  14. Then repeat with rods 8, 9, and 10.
  15. Depending on the child, this may be taught over a few days.

Stage B: Identification by Name

  1. The Number Rods are in random order on the mat.
  2. The directress sits between the two mats and has the child sit in front of the vertical mat.
  3. The directress asks for a specific number rod, the child chooses it, counts it, and places it on the empty mat.

Stage C: Random Identification by Quantity

  1. The rods are lain out randomly on a mat.
  2. The directress randomly takes a Number Rod, places it in front of the child and asks, “What is this?”
  3. The child counts it, and gives you what Number Rod it is.
  4. Then have the child place it on the empty mat.
  5. Repeat for all of the rods.

Stage D: Identify Rod Randomly

  1. The rods are lain out randomly on a mat.
  2. The child chooses a rod, isolates it on the empty mat and tell the directress what number it is.
  3. Then the child counts to verify.
  4. Repeat for all of the rods.

Stage E: Identify Rod in Order

  1. The rods are in the stair formation.
  2. Point to one rod in the stair formation and have the child say the number of the rod.
  3. Then have the child count it to verify.
  4. Repeat for each rod.


- To experience the qualities of each number and to learn their respective names.
- To show that each number is represented by a single object, as a whole, separate from others.
- To help memorize the sequence of numbers from 1 to 10.

Control of Error
The number of partitions on each rod acts as a guide.

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