Montessori Munari Mobile - for Infants Crib -

Montessori Munari Mobile - for Infants Crib

 The "Munari" is the first in the Montessori series of mobiles for very young babies.

It was designed by Italian architect Bruno Munari according to pioneer pedagogue Maria Montessori's philosophy of education and theory of development.

The simple black and white elements are believed to be more easily visualized by babies, whose brains are still adapting to the outside world - and to perception.

The mobile turns slowly with the the slightest air movement, creating a great variety of beautiful configurations, and so estimulates calm and concentrated observation, while developing their visual field organization.

The original design asks for a glass sphere, but we substitute it for plastic to avoid risks (of it breaking in transport or at home). 
  • Munari mobiles are assembled, There is a S hook included mobile you can use to hang from a crib arm (not included) or from the ceiling.
  • This does not include the crib arm. This is not a toy, it is intended for decoration only and should be hung out of little ones reach.


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