Montessori Interlocking Disc for Infants -

Montessori Interlocking Disc for Infants

 This comes only  in a ziplock bag - NO Box

This may look like a simple wooden trinket but it can actually keep your child entertained for long periods of time and do wonders for your baby’s early development. 

The interlocking discs are designed to build motor skills via hand-to-hand transfer, promoting cross-body coordination.

Gift this to your little one as early as 3 months and they will enjoy it until well after they’re sitting.

The interlocking disks is a wooden Montessori baby toy with two disks that are placed together at a 90 degree angle. It's a fantastic little wooden toy that is suitable for babies starting at a young age.

At first it's a great grasping toy because of it's size and shape. Eventually, a baby can use the interlocking disks to transfer from one hand to another. This requires some great wrist movement unlike so many other toys. 

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