Montessori Infilare - Red Coloured Discs on Vertical Dowel -

Montessori Infilare - Red Coloured Discs on Vertical Dowel

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This educational toy wooden stacker will give your toddler a purposeful, repetitive independent activity that will build their self-confidence, self-esteem and increase concentration. It also provides practice in hand-eye coordination and different finger grasps through the stacking and removal of the three wooden discs. 

Like the other toys in our Montessori range, this wooden toy stays true to authentic learning methods, giving your little one the tools to master vital early learning skills. 

The next step after Imbucare activity materials.

How to present the toy using the Montessori method: 

  1. Place the stacker on the floor or a table in front of your baby. It’s helpful to name the activity, for example ‘we are stacking’ 
  2. Engage your infant’s interest with a single word such as ‘look’ or ‘watch’
  3. Stabilize the activity with one hand and remove each disc slowly using your thumb and pointer finger, and place it on the table beside the base
  4. Once all the discs are removed, pick up a disc using the same fingers and hold it above dowel before slowly lowering it to the base and releasing
  5. Repeat for each disc
  6. Offer your child a turn


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