Montessori Imbucare - OBJECT PERMANENCE Box with Drawer and Ball -

Montessori Imbucare - OBJECT PERMANENCE Box with Drawer and Ball

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Object Permance Boxes allow a child to practice hand eye coordination, and helps the child understand that the object still exists even though they cannot see it.

This work stimulates the child's curiosity making it exciting to learn.


The set contains a wooden box with drawer and a white plastic ball.

This simply but beautifully constructed Montessori wooden Ball Return Box offers purposeful, repetitive independent activity that will build self-confidence, self-esteem and increase concentration.

Suitable for babies as young as 8 months, this wooden box provides early childhood development in the areas of hand/eye co-ordination, hand strength, finger dexterity and object permanence. 'Object permanence' is used to describe a child's ability to know that objects continue to exist even though they can no longer be seen or heard, and it plays an important role in the theory of cognitive development.

A simple toy teaching essential skills.

How to present the toy using the Montessori method:

  1. Place the box on the floor in front of your baby and pick up the ball using your thumb and pointer finger. It's helpful to name the ball and be descriptive, for example 'round ball'
  2. Engage your child's interest with a single word instruction such as 'look' or 'watch'
  3. Hold the ball above the hole
  4. Drop it through the hole and repeat the circuit
  5. Now offer your baby a turn

Please note that colour of ball may vary from picture due to stock availability at the time of purchase.

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