Montessori Imbucare Box with Triangular Prism -

Montessori Imbucare Box with Triangular Prism

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Imbucare Box triangular prism

The direct aim in the Imbucare Boxes is for the child to understand different geometric shapes and the space each shape needs in order to fit inside.
The child also gains experience in opening and closing.
This work indirectly helps a child become more proficient in hand eye coordination, independence and concentration.
The set contains a wooden box and a wooden triangular prism in yellow color.

Box size about 11.5 x 11.5 cm


This series of Imbucare Boxes consists of wooden boxes with a wooden shape to fit into the corresponding hole in the top.

There is a door with a circular hole on the front so the child can easily open the door and repeat the action.

Children naturally love putting things in and out of boxes and these activities will help them to develop their concentration as well as their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

The shapes available starting with the easiest are: large cylinder, triangular prism and rectangular prism. 

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