Montessori Advanced Grammar Kit 3 & 4 -(Non Phonetic Farm ) -

Montessori Advanced Grammar Kit 3 & 4 -(Non Phonetic Farm )



1 box of small animals and objects. 
2 boxes of Nouns (on black cards). 
Noun(1) are the names of animals in pairs together with young. 
Noun(2) are the names of objects. 

3 boxes of adjectives (on blue cards) 

Box 1 : Adjectives, 
Box 2 : Adjective (Articles), 
Box 3 : Adjective (Possessive). 

2 Boxes of Verbs (on red cards). 

Verb (1) : Verbs for animal activities, 
Verb (2) : Verbs for animal sounds. 

1 box of adverbs (on orange cards) for use with the verbs.
1 box of Pronouns (on pink cards) comprising of the pronouns "he", "she", "it", "they".
1 box of Prepositions (on green cards)
1 box of Conjunctions (on purple cards) comprising of the conjunctions 'and', 'but', "because".


Grammar kit 4 consist of materials for introductory and follow-up activities on the different Parts of Speech.

1 box of Nouns marked "Related Themes" containing Nouns that are non-phonetic. These are follow-up activities to the Non-Phonetic Farm 2 activities with the Nouns.

1 Noun-Adjective Box containing black Noun cards and blue Adjective cards. This is a follow-up to the Farm 2 activities with the Adjectives.

Rules for the comparison of Adjectives

3 boxes of Adjectives

Box 1 : Rule 1 - The General Rule.
Box 2 : Rule 2 - Irregularly formed comparatives
Box 3 : Rule 3 - Comparatives formed with Adverbs.
(Rule 3 is presented only after the child has been introduced to the Adverbs)

1 Box of one-word Verb Commands printed on red cards.
1 Box of Verb Synonyms which contains Verbs that show various shades of meaning for a particular verb.
1 pack of long red cards containing Command Sentences.

1 Pack of long orange cards for the Adverb Game which is the first introduction to the Adverbs. This is introduced before the Farm 2 activities with the Adverbs.

1 Verb-Adverb Box containing a bundle of red Verb cards and a bundle of the same number of orange Adverb cards. This activity is a follow-up to the Farm 2 activities with the Adverbs.


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