Life Cycle of Luna Moth Miniature Models with 4 part cards -
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Life Cycle of Luna Moth Miniature Models with 4 part cards

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This set contains

1.Miniature models of  Luna Moth's  Life cycle 

2.  4 part cards - Laminated with round edges 

     a. labelled picture card (picture card with name tag)

     b. unlabeled picture cards ( picture card with no name tag) 

     c. name tags 

3.  Definition card 

4. A box to store the items.

Presentation 1
A non reading child can match the labelled cards to the models

Presentation 2
Match the labelled picture cards to the labelled picture cards
correctly and match the name tags.

Presentation 3

1. Arrange the unlabeled picture cards correctly and then place
the name tags correctly below the unlabeled picture cards.
2. Use the labeled picture cards to check ( as a control of error)

Presentation 4 - 
For a reading child
Arrange as per Presentation 3
Then read the definition cards and arrange below the labelled
picture cards.

These presentation can be used for
1. Age : 18 months
2. Also right upto P3 Science syllabus as well

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