Life Cycle of a Chicken / Hen - Miniature model -

Life Cycle of a Chicken / Hen - Miniature model

We all know chickens lay eggs but how do those eggs become chickens?

The 3 stages of our Life Cycle of a Chicken take you through the transformation of this popular bird! Miraculous and awe-inspiring transformations can be observed and explored in close detail with Safariology® Life Cycles

Parents and teachers now have a way to teach about the wonders of life in an engaging way, with manipulatives that children can squeeze, touch, and play with.


Blister Card Measures: 7″ W x 9″ H (18 x 23 cm)

Grown Chicken Measures: 3.5″ W (9cm)

Recommended Ages: 4+

This product is lead free and thoroughly safety tested

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