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Learning Resources View-Thru Geometric Solids 14 Coloured LER4331

Explore geometry, volume, and other measurement concepts with these transparent 3-D shapes fashioned in bright, bold colors. Removable bases allow for relating 2-D shapes to 3-D solids. Easy to fill with liquid and easy to clean. Set of 14.

*Speak Volumes

Discussing volume concepts is much easier when using these transparent shapes. Children can clearly see for themselves the abstract concepts you present.

*Size Them Up!

Kids can easily make comparisons between the shapes, because they’re relationally sized. Smaller shapes are exactly half the size of their larger counterparts.

*Full 14-Piece Set

Set features large and small: cube, rectangle, triangular prism, and cylinder. Also includes pentagonal prism, triangular pyramid, square pyramid, cone, sphere and hemisphere. Activity guide included.

*Early Geometry

Early math skills take shape when kids play with this toy, which helps them build an understanding of 2-D and 3-D shapes and other early geometry essentials!

*Shape Recognition

From circles and squares to octagons and beyond, this toy builds shape recognition skills while introducing early geometry fundamentals!

*Early Math

From addition and subtraction to fractions, Base 10, and more, this toy introduces kids to the fundamentals of early math success!

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