Joyful Readers Series (Level 1 ) - 3 Letter words -

Joyful Readers Series (Level 1 ) - 3 Letter words

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Joyful Readers is a series of 9 books designed to help preschoolers develop their reading skills in a systematic way. Comprising three levels, this series provides a gradual introduction of new words with frequent repetition to ensure rapid learning in your child.

Level 1 introduces words commonly used in the English language, which are mainly 3-letter words that can be sounded.
Level 1 consists of 6 Books 
Nat and Pat 
Don and Ron
Sam and Dan
Jus and Gus
Note to Parents
You are your child’s first teacher and you certainly play a very important role. Your praise is crucial to your child’s continuing efforts in learning to read. Above all else, make reading a joyful experience for both you and your child.
Your child should be competent and confident in reading all the words in each level aloud before moving on to the next.

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