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I.Q. Game - Colorful / Colourful - Visual & Spatial Perception

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This puzzle is based on color, shape and visual/spatial perception.

This  is a one player game which consists of 18 transparent  plates, each with a colored shape and  a challenge book.

Objective is to pick a challenge and recreate the shape shown in the challenge book by stacking up to 5 transparent tiles on top of one another in such a way as to visually match the challenge.

Challenges consist of 4 levels of difficulty x  25 each; ( 100 challenges)  while the starter challenges are not too difficult, some at the master level will take a bit of thought.


Colorful can be played by kids as young as 5, but is more than challenging enough for grown-up brains of all ages.

Brain Health Expert Says:

This game activates your frontal lobe, which is important for logic and reasoning, and your parietal lobe, which is essential for proper spatial processing skills



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