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High Power Laser - 532 nm 5mW Laser

Lightweight and handy, suitable for put in your pocket or handbags
* Laser light color: 3 different colours available, Choose RED, GREEN, PURPLE
* Output power: 5mW
* Output wavelength: 532 nm/+-10
* Press button for ON / OFF * Powered by one 18650 lithium battery Laser range: 1000-8000 meters
NOTE: 1. Avoid direct eye exposure to laser beam
2. Please don't keep it turned on for a long time, otherwise it might damage the light bulb.
3. If you want to light match, please adjust the focal length to the largest , and then match at a distance of approximately 10cm from lamp holder
4. It can burn a BLACK match, or black paper/plastic tape after a couple of seconds
1 x Green laser pointer
1 x Star cap
1 x Safe key
x 18650 Battery
1 x Charger

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