Geometric Cabinet - Shape Cards -

Geometric Cabinet - Shape Cards

3 sets  of cards that correspond to the figures contained within the geometric cabinet.

Each shape is represented by a thin outline, thick outline, and filled-in card



Card Set 1 With figures completely filled in.
Card Set 2 With figures in a think outline.
Card Set 3 With figures in a thin outline.



From Card to Inset 

The directress will choose 4-6 cards at a time. (Begin with cards of contrast.)
Isolate one of the cards and have the child match the shape with an inset from the cabinet. 
Have the child superimpose the inset onto the card to verify. 
Repeat for each of the cards by isolating them. 

From Inset to Card 
Similar to the lesson above but this time show the inset and have the child find the correct card form the pile of cards. 


Exercice 1 
The child works as in the presentation.

Exercice 2 
Introduce the second set of cards with the thick outline of the shape. Repeat the lesson as above but now using the two cards.

Exercice 3 
Introduce the third set of cards with the thin outline of the shape. Repeat the lesson as above but now using the three cards.

Matching at a distance
Find the missing card using the insets
Find the missing card without the insets



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