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Ecovona - Special Needs Sensory Therapy Activity Apron (Adult Size) for Seniors & Adults

  • Ecovona - Special Needs Sensory Therapy Activity Apron (Adult Size) for Seniors & Adults with Dementia, Alzheimer’s and Special Sensory Needs | Fidget Design Improves Dexterity and Mental Stimulation
    • EASY MENTAL STIMULATION - Engage the mind body connection in senior adults suffering from dementia, Alzheimer syndrome or adults with special sensory needs from autism or Asperger’s. Different textures and fidget motions help create a tactile experience that sharpens skills and soothes the mind.
    • ✅ IMPROVES HAND DEXTERITY - The velcro buckle strap, buttons, zipper and threaded rope all help keep fingers, hands and joint mobile and engaged to help strengthen them, which is particularly important for the elderly. The materials also mimic common dressing skills to increase independence.
    • ✅ CALMING & COMFORTING - Lay the apron flat on a seated lap in a chair or wheelchair or tie it around the waist of a standing person. People with special sensory needs find the hand fidgeting relaxing and soothing. It's a great aid for anxiety inducing activities like haircuts and Dr. appointments.
    • ✅ REDUCES BOREDOM - Seniors with disabilities or mobility restrictions can often experience heightened senses of boredom and anxiety. This apron gives them a quick and easy way to engage their hands and mind for simple stimulation while they're waiting or engaged in other passive activities.
    • ✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - Ecovana cares about crafting high quality products that serve a helpful purpose for our customers, their families and their loved ones. Join thousands of engaged and calmed patients and their families...

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