Decimal System - Yellow Beads -

Decimal System - Yellow Beads

Helps the child to learn the names of the decimal system- units, tens, hundreds and thousands


Decimal System Presentation

This set consists of :

1 -  1000's cube

10 -  100's squares

10 - 10's  bar

10  - units beads

A wooden tray for introduction to decimal system


Helps the child to learn the names of the decimal system- units,

tens, hundreds and thousands.


* To help the child understand the decimal system - e.g. after

nine units/ nine tens / nine hundreds  a new hierarchy of the

power of ten is started.

Introduction to quantity

Basic Presentation

    1. Invite a child to come and work with you. Bring him to the shelf, name the lesson and have him bring the material over to the shelf.
    2. Have him unroll the small mat onto the table.
    3. Take the unit, feel it, and name it. "This is a unit."
    4. Give it to the child to feel and name it.
    5. Have him place it on the right side of the small mat.
    6. Repeat for the ten-bar.
    7. When the child places it onto the small mat, count the beads.
    8. Place the ten-bar vertically to the left of the unit.
    9. Repeat for the hundred square.
    10. Lay it on the mat to the left of the ten-bar.
    11. Use the ten-bar to count how many tens are in the hundred.
    12. Repeat for the thousand cube.
    13. Place it to the left of the hundred square and use the hundred to count how many hundreds are in a thousand.


  1. Do a Three-Period Lesson for them.
  2. End the 2nd Period with the categories in the correct order: (from left to right) thousand, hundred, ten, unit.
  3. For the 3rd Period, point to each category and ask the child to name it.
  4. Show the child how to put the material away, making sure the beads are placed in the correct order on the tray.


Direct Purpose
To introduce the child to the concept of the decimal system.
To make the child familiar with the names and relative sizes of the categories
To help the child with the difference in bulk between e.g. 6 units and 6 thousands.

Control of Error
The directress and the child's own knowledge

4 – 4 1/2 years



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