Clearance - Onshine Alphabet A- Z Learning Locks & keys -

Clearance - Onshine Alphabet A- Z Learning Locks & keys

 Please note that there are slight scratches on the locks. 

These are brand new items .

There are no returns or refunds for clearance items .

52pcs (26 locks and 26 keys)

 different colors

For age: 3+

Matching lowercase letters to uppercase letters .

Helps with find motor skills as well..

Develops Concentration


Picture of object on each lock that starts with that letter on the lock.. 

Uppercase is printed on the lock and lowercase of the matching Letter printed on the key. 

Please do not that some letters are not phonetically sounded . But  they can be modified according to your needs . ( can paste a picture/sticker  of the phonetic sounded object to the lock . This is just for your information so that you are aware at the time of purchase .

List of pictures... 

ant /bear/cat/dog/elephant/fox/giraffe/hen/iguana/jellyfish/koala/lion/monkey/narwhal/


 These are some alternative that we can suggest .....

giraffe can be replace with a picture of goat

narwhal can be replace with a picture of a nest

owl ----- ox

sheep ..... stork / strawberry / seal 

urchin ----- uncle / umbrella

vole ........ violin / vegetable / vase

xiphias ...... in Montessori the ending sound of /x/ is used so can be replaced with ox/ fox/ wax/ six / box 



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