Art & Craft - A4 Size EVA Foam sponge sheet 1mm / 2mm Thickness -

Art & Craft - A4 Size EVA Foam sponge sheet 1mm / 2mm Thickness

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1mm thick - set of 10 pcs - 10 colors

2mm thick - set of 5 pcs - color - green 

The colorful foam paper is an excellent art and craft material to keep your young ones actively engaged. Ready to decorate foam sheets can be easily cut in desired shapes. It is a perfect accessory for decorating cards and gifts.

  • Teachers can use them to make craft related to the theme they are teaching for example, animals, transport, insects, botany, etc.
  • Parents can use the foam paper as a party gift or to make DIY craft with your child at home. There are countless ways to use these foam sheets. Make a pencil holder, a 3D cat; it’s up to your child’s creativity.
  • Unlock your child’s mind and allow the creativity to flow with this material.


Since the sheets are of foam material therefore they can be easily cut with a scissor or cutter.


The foam material used in the sheets is of good quality which gives it a smooth and soft finish.


Size: A4

 Quantity: 10 pieces / 5 pcs

 Thickness: 1mm / 2mm

 Material: Foam

Colours: Red, Yellow, Blue, Purple, Pink, Orange, Brown, Green, Black and White



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