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7 pc Plastic Tangram with Casing

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  • Fun and Educational
  • Helps Develop Mathematical Skills
  • Virtually Endless Shapes Can Be Made
  • Make the Provided Shapes or Create your Own Shapes
  • Helps Children Gain Geometrical Insights
  • Develops Problem Solving and Logical Thinking Skills
  • Plastic Case Included

Description :

Tangram is an ancient Chinese puzzle comprising seven pieces of three geometric shapes

  • 2 large Triangles
  • 1 medium Triangle
  • 2 Small Triangles
  • 1 Square
  • 1 Parallelogram. 

Tangrams can be used as a puzzle, where the seven pieces are arranged to make an almost-endless variety of objects, such as people, animals, letters, etc. The rules of play are that you must use all seven tans, they must lay flat, they must touch and none may overlap. At the easiest level, you can simply place the pieces onto the patterns; at the most difficult, only a silhouette of the object is shown and you have to recreate it using the Tangrams.


They can also be used in a more creative way to make your own designs.


Children are naturally curious so trying to solve a puzzle involving tangrams is going to provoke their curiousity and therefore be interesting so they will be engaged in what they are doing. Also, tangrams promote growth in learning, for example, when children become experienced buliding things from tangrams, they can be challenged even more by experimenting 


Case size about 4x4 inch

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