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4M Green Science - Solar Mechanics

Using the parts in this kit, you can put together a unique solar motorised module that is powered by a solar cell. Make yourself a desktop fan or an illusion spinner powered by the sun's rays!

Using clean energy directly from the sun, you can use your solar module as the engine of vibrating robot that slides across the floor, or a CD Rainbow Reflector that spins to make sparkling visual wonders!

Some of the activities include:

1. Making an illusion spinner using all the colours of the rainbow with two different illusions.
2. Making a cooler fan that pushes air along using electricity created by the sun.
3. Assembling a Solar Vibro Robot with jumping legs to help it move along the floor.

Each activity contains detailed instructions, an explanation of how things work and relevant fun facts!

Also required but not included in this kit: a small cross-head screwdriver and empty plastic drink bottle.


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