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Wooden Uppercase Alphabet Tracing Puzzle - Pre Writing skills

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In ancient times, wise teachers used tracing in the sand to help children learn alphabet. This modern day version uses the same technique of using the muscular and textural senses, which are two of the strongest senses, to enable learning. A highly recommended activity to help the child learn the shapes of the  letters of the English alphabet.

Features & details

  • Set includes 5 hard boards with different pattern below of each board to form a puzzle.
  • Used as a pre-writing activity where the impressions of the shape of the alphabet is stuck to the mind as the child runs its fingers on them
  • This wooden toy is great for the age group of 2-3 years where the child traces and associates letter shapes.
  • Tracing over the textured letters with their fingers makes the child absorb the upper case letter shapes using a combination of the muscular and sensorial impressions, and this sets the base for reading and pre-writing phase.
  • Painted and finished beautifully. Compliant with both ASTM and EN 71 guidelines for safety.

Product information

Recommended age: 24 months - 4 years

Product dimensions: 11.8 x 4.9 x 0.8 inches

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