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Wooden Peg Puzzle - small

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The  Peg Puzzle is a multi-objective early learning toy with progressively challenging play opportunities. Your child can stack, sort, and learn shapes and colors. By twisting the shapes to fit onto the pegs, he or she strengthens hand-eye coordination, fine-motor, and problem solving skills. 

Learning / Play Tips

The  Puzzle is a highly-educational toy and has a long learning horizon. That is, it offers progressively more complex learning opportunities. Try these learning steps:

  • Begin with one post and the corresponding pieces first and add on more pieces as your child achieves success.
  • Lay out the different colors 
  • Observe how these skills transfer to using a spoon, drawing and getting dressed!


The Peg Puzzle is a wooden puzzle that allows children to connect, stack, and sort in multiple ways, encouraging fine motor development and problem solving skills


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