Clearance What's GNU? - The 3 Letter Learning Game -
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Clearance What's GNU? - The 3 Letter Learning Game

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Product Features

  • Fast-action spelling
  • Up to six players can play
  • Thirty-six word-starter cards
  • Teaches word recognition, vocabulary building, and reading
  • For ages between 5 to 8 years

Product Description

What's Gnu' It's a three-letter-word race game that spells F-U-N. The object of the game is to spell more three-letter words than the other players. Up to 36 Word-Starter cards, which have one letter provided and two blanks, are spread out for everyone to see. Players slide the clever Letter Getter to magically reveal two letter tiles. Kids then must look at these tiles and try to make three-letter words by filling in the blanks on the Word-Starter cards. The player with the most three-letter words when all the tiles run out wins. Building your vocabulary is three times more fun. For 2 to 6 players.


Measurement :

  • Size in cm : 21 x 26 x 9
  • Size in inches : 8.3 x 10.2 x 3.5

Weight in (g) : 800g







  1. Have the first player slide the Letter Getter to reveal two letter tiles
  2. Use the tiles to create three-letter words on the Word Cards.


  • The words can be increasingly complex, as a student's level permits.



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