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Think Fun - Last Letter

Last Letter ™ (Ages 8 to adult, two or more players )
Classic last letter game with a seek & find twist, improving reflexes and concentration
Last Letter is a fun game for friends and family. Blurt out words depicted by illustrated cards, remembering your word must start with the last letter of the word previously called. Tap into your creative energies as you quickly scan the artful images to find words that work. Seeking & finding related words is pressure enough – add fast pace to the mix, and you may be left speechless!


Last Letter is a card game with 61 cards and can be played by two or more players.  We have been playing all evening.  The concept is simple – Each player is dealt some cards and there is a “starter” card that is placed in the center of the playing space.

An item, activity, event or something is identified in the starter card – whatever the last letter of that item is then the players need to find something in their stack of cards that begins with that last letter.  Then you begin again.  The game is fast paced, fast thinking.  We can easily and quickly cycle through many games.  We have a great time playing this game – and the entire family can play it!

In this game, players each have five cards they are trying to get rid of.  

The dealer places a card in the middle and says a word that goes with the card (for example, "dog" if there's a dog in the picture).  

The players then race to get rid of their cards by placing a card on the pile and calling out something that begins with the last letter of the word that was just said.  So if "dog" was the first word, players would be looking for something on their cards that start with "g".  

This game moves pretty quickly because there is no taking turns!  For young Children,start off using this game as a cooperative game instead of a competitive one.

  Work together to brainstorm words and get rid of collective cards.  T

Naming an object in the card is pretty easy, but you can also look for colors, shapes, emotions, actions, moods, etc...   

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