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Thermic Bottles

 Thermic Bottles with Wooden box and lid 

Please note that bottles in the Presentation may vary from our stock picture.



  1. Carry the material to a mat or table. Set the lid to the right or the box.
    Thermic Bottles 1.JPG
  2. Remove one of the bottles by lifting it by its wire handle.
    Thermic Bottles 2.JPG
  3. Hold the bottle in one hand to get a sense of the temperature.
    Thermic Bottles 3.JPG
  4. Select another thermic bottle from the box and hold it in the other hand to compare the two. If the second one does not match, set it on the lid to the side of the box.
    Thermic Bottles 4.JPG
  5. When a match is found, set the two side-by-side in the upper left corner of the workspace. Return the bottles on the lid to the box.
    Thermic Bottles 5.JPG
  6. Repeat this process until all of the bottles have been matched.
    Thermic Bottles 6.JPG
  7. Return the bottles to the box in mixed-up order so the work will be ready for the next student.


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