The Linking Memory Cards Game - Right Brain Training -
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The Linking Memory Cards Game - Right Brain Training


A fantastic game to improve memory.

  1. Sit and relax
  2. Read the story under the first row of pictures (1-5) loud, touching each picture as you go.
  3. Now turn the page over following the first row repeat the story loud pointing to each empty box.( Eventually you will want to identify the picture without saying the story-this is fine!)
  4. If you need little help recalling the images,give yourself a moment and peek. If you want to create different story that is easier for your to remember , go right ahead. Remember that this exercise should be stress-free. Modifying the story or helping yourself a little bit will not hinder future memorization.
  5. Repeat the exercise once more then stop. Once you can remember the first 5 pictures, add the next row (6-10). Repeat this exercise everyday beginning each time with picture number 1.


  • Instructions 
  • 32 picture cards
  • 15 story papers 



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