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Speed Cups Board Game

Box Contains:

  •  54 cards
  • 25 colorful cups ( 4 sets sups of different colours)
  • 1 Jingle bell

How to Play:

Beat the Bell Speed Cups is the fun new game that combines the adrenaline rush of speed stacking cups with color pattern matching. Quickly rearrange your 5 differently colored cups to match how the colors are positioned on each card's picture. Which color bird sits on top of the tree and which on the bottom? In which order are the jackets arranged on the wall?? If you've arranged your 5 cups in the right order and you're the first to ring the bell, then you win the card! When the 54 all are opened, the player with the most cards is the Beat the Bell Speed Cups champ!


develop competition and  memory ability

 * 2-4 players 

 * for kids above 3 years old .


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