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Smart Electronic Kit - Educational Appliance


About Electronic block kit-Educational toy(Model W-335): 

There are 335 different circuits could be constructed. 

The advantage of this item: It was the basic series, with a high cost performance and suitable for Children 8-10years. It could be constructed into a FM radio 

This product is packed with a color box, which you could check from the picture, packing on the upper, inner box on the lower, and it has a manual contained in the color box. 

This product is specifically designed to eliminate the difficulties and frustrations associated with handling small and delicate electronic components. Thus, it is very easy and safe to set up a wide range of useful circuits within a very short time. 

All the illustrations in the manual are very close simulations of real circuits, so they are easy to follow and set up. 

Common circuits like those for lighting up an electric bulb, propelling a fan, moving a music doorbell, a buzzer, FM radio, or recorder can be set up and activated by magnet, touch, water, etc, within just two minutes. 

As soon as a circuit is set up, one could listen to FM stations, observe a flickering light or a flying disk soaring in the air, etc. 

The product is so simplified that everyone young or old, with or without technical know-how can assemble an illustrated circuit and even design their own new circuits. 

For Ages 8+.


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