Secrets To Getting Your Child To Read At A Very Early Age- Montessori -
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Secrets To Getting Your Child To Read At A Very Early Age- Montessori Phonics Workshop

( Montessori Pink Scheme/ Series Workshop )
Secrets To Getting Your Child To Read At A Very Early Age-
Montessori Phonics Workshop- For Parents & Educators.
( This workshop covers the Montessori Pink Scheme/Series Reading Kit Only)
Date: 26th August 2018
Day: Sunday
Time: 3.00 pm to 5 pm
Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road
A few QUICK Questions...
---►Do You Want Your Child to Start Reading at an Early Age?
---►Is your child having problems reading simple words?
---►Does your child hate to read?
---►Do you feel helpless or even frustrated because you can’t help your child at home.. because you are clueless on what to do or how to go about it..
Then don’t depend on your child’s school to teach him to read.
Start your child early and as research has shown – early readers are
the ones who top their cohort in school.
Stop paying exorbitant fees to another trainer for your child to attend a Phonics Class ! Just think about it. If you have 2 kids you must pay double!!
Why not learn all the tactics these other trainers use as well as ideas to make your own materials in this workshop!
Do you want to start earning an additional income teaching children to read?
But you don’t know where to start …. What to do?
You have a Certificate, a Diploma or even a Degree but still notable to help your child to read.
You’ve attended a Phonics Course but still not able to teach with confidence…
Still confused on where to start and how to start ….
Is Your child able to memorize all the spelling words given to him and gets full marks during his spelling tests but the next week he forgets all the words again ??
You are teaching your child to memorize words and spelling lists using the left brain instead of the whole brain!!!
Your child is going to be in Primary 1 next year and he still can’t read
You are facing all these difficulties and don’t know what to do!
Join the Montessori Phonics Workshop Now!
What will you learn when you Join Montessori Phonics Workshop Now!
---►Learn how to teach your child to read logically while moving rapidly and easily from the familiar elements of the spoken language.
---►Learn the step by step approach which is a guaranteed method to begin reading !!
---►Learn how to blend the letters together to form new words.
---►Learn to differentiate consonants and vowels
---►Learn to Blend 2 and 3 letters
---►Find out which words are not suitable to be used.
---►Learn to create simple story books to enhance the learning process.
---►Learn to make the materials that are used in the Pink Series
Once your child has finished using the Pink Scheme Kit your child will become a Super reader in 3 Letter words
---►In this workshop Nafisa Juzer will share with you why some Phonics programs fail
---►How you can make materials yourself instead of spending hundreds of dollars buying them!
---►Reduce your expenses when you STOP to pay exorbitant fees just to send your child to an enrichment class
---►Techniques that will definitely help you as well as your child to develop a special bond
Nafisa Juzer
* Entrepreneur & Trainer
* Founder of Right to Learn LLP
* Author of Several Popular Assessment Books
* 18 years of Teaching Experience
She will share with you a Step by Step Approach on how you can teach your child Phonics using the Montessori Method in the comfort of your home.
In this Workshop you will learn …
---► to help your child to start on his reading & writing journey in a fun and systematic way
---► How to help your child learn to spell using the whole brain approach
---► The FATAL Mistakes to AVOID when teaching your child
---►The Fastest Easiest Way to start reading, writing and spelling 3 letter words .
---► Tips & Techniques based on 18 yrs of teaching experience.
Limited Seats
Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road
If you are interested in attending in the workshop:
Date: 26th August 2018

Day: Sunday
Time: 3.00 pm to 5 pm
Venue: Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road
$397 + $50 Registration fees.
Very EARLY BIRD RATE… NOW Only $ 197.00 + $50 Registration fees.
— SAVE $ 200.00 !! –
Only if u sign up before 7th July 2018
BONUS : 20% off on all Montessori Language Materials
* Sign up for 2 workshops (Language Starter sounds + Language Pink Scheme) and pay Only $325
*Sign up for 3 workshops (Language Starter sounds + Language Pink Scheme + Mathematics ) and pay only $ 524 + one time registration fee of $50
Limited seats available.
3 Ways to Make Payment to confirm your seats!
1. Buy Directly from our website.
2.Online Transfer or ATM Transfer
Posb Savings a/c: 027-00394-0
3. Cheque payment: To – Right To Learn LLP
And mail to : Blk 1092 Lower Delta Road #03-15 Singapore 169203
Note once you have made the Online or ATM Transfer
email to: with your:
Transfer Amt:
Transaction Reference No:
Contact No:
If we we do not meet the required number of participants , and if for nay reason the workshop does not commence then, full refund will be given
To you and your Child's Success,
Nafisa Juzer
P.S - If you think a friend would benefit from this course, please share this with them.
P.S.S. Please note that this ONE DAY workshop only covers the PINK SCHEME / Series Only

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