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Sandpaper Wooden Cursive Lowercase Letters

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Cursive Lowercase Sandpaper Letters mounted on wood.

No box stand with this set 



26 sandpaper boards with cursive lowercase letters of the alphabet.

Pink wooden boards contain consonants and blue boards contain vowels.


With the use of tracing sandpaper letters a child can study the shape of the letter before they acquire the gross motor abilities to hold the pen correctly and write the letter. This is a great material for developing pre-writing knowledge of letter shapes and sounds. This set of sandpaper letters will allow the child to learn all the letters of the alphabet.


Boards sizes: 

26 cm x 16 cm

22 cm x 19 cm

19 cm x 19 cm

19 cm x 12 cm

16 cm x 12 cm

14 cm x 12 cm


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